Forum pages are for you!

09 Oct 2009 3:01 AM | Fritz Wirth (Administrator)

In this blog I will try to describe how forum pages can be used to expand our satisfaction with the site and increase interaction of the membership.

In a forum you start by posting information.  It can be about anything, a question, a problem, a discovery, or opinion.  People can then share their thoughts.

As you are discovering about the site different features can be made availalbe to different levels of people.  Some can be made available to the general public, others to just members, and if I configure this blog correctly people in our contact list will be able to interact where the general public will only be able to read what is posted. 

The forum that everyone has been able to access but few have commented on to date Is in the Public Input and Comments section.  The is another Forum that has been in the Member-only section (unseen until you renew or in this case jion) called the Director's Corner wher I have soliciated feedback on a few questions that have bearing on our future.  I am going to change the visibility of the page so you can yet wee another feature of our new site.  Please join in and make some comments.

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