Inkwell Examples

The types of inkwells are as varied as the people that used them.  These are but a few.
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  • Bust of a youthful knight mounted on an ebonized oval base. The helmet is hinged and drops forward. Push back the helmet to access the ink.
  • Bust of a China / Oriental man sits atop a painted metal base. His mustache acts as a pen holder.
  • Hand-carved Civil War soldier carrying an axe. The inkwell is embedded in the base. There is a bullet (Civil War?) in the pen hole.
  • This inkwell depicts a knight in armor, peering through the grill of his plumed helmet. This figure is referred to as "Kaiser Bill" or "The grumpy knight."
  • Kneeling camel, wearing a brightly colored saddle with fringes. The saddle opens to reveal the ink pot. There are matching desk pieces (blotters, letter opener, etc.) all associated with the Shriners
  • Dark-skinned rider atop an elephant's head. The inkwell is under the cloth on the elephant's back.
  • Charming inkwell in the form of a standing elephant, dressed in a coat, holding a top hat, which serves as a pen wipe. Lift the hinged head to access the inkwell.
  • Circus Elephant with Monkey -Whimsical silver-plated inkwell depicts a lute playing monkey riding atop the elephant’s head. c. 1870
  • Beautiful lady, crouching down on the rocks, touching the water with her hand. The inkwell is housed in the rock beside her.
  • Bronze figural inkwell features a graceful little nymph sitting cross-legged on the base with her arms outstretched, offering a "toast" in one hand with her scarf and tresses flowing in the breeze.
  • Woman with Flowing Hair
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